Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

The CIPS level 6 professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply is for those who want to specialise in a specific occupation occupational area or technical role. It is designed for the more experienced members of the profession who are expected to lead procurement teams within an organisations and influence the board to adopt leading edge procurement strategies thereby establishing best practice. The qualification will prepare learners for work by giving them the opportunity to develop sector specific knowledge, technical and practical skills and to apply those skills in work related environments. It represents the final level of qualification required by those who are working towards MCIPS, which is recognized worldwide as the professional standard for procurement and supply practitioners.

Successful students may use the designatory letters MCIPS after their names if they can also exhibit at least three years’ experience in a relevant position of responsibility. It is aimed at those members of the profession who have procurement and supply activity at the heart of their role. The required knowledge and skills are developed as learners perform practical, work related tasks that encourage the development of appropriate work related behaviours and transferable skills. Transferable skills are those such as communication teamwork, planning and competing tasks to high standards all of which enable the learner to add strategic value to the organisation.

This year (2019/20) will be the first year of the new CIPS 2018 qualifications. The qualification is made up of 60 credits; 4 modules L6M1,2,3 and 4 are mandatory. L5M1,2 and 3  are 12 credit modules; the rest are all 6 credit modules. To gain the full Professional Diploma, you must achieve all 60 credits.

The modules to be studied are:

Core Mandatory Modules:

  • L6M1 Strategic Ethical Leadership (12 credit module)
  • L6M2 (New Qualification) Global Commercial Strategy (12 Credit module)
  • L6M3 Global Strategic Supply Chain Management (12 Credit Module)
  • L6M4 Future Strategic Challenges for the Profession (6 credit Module)

The remaining 18 credits will be made up of a selection of Elective modules

  • L6M5 Strategic Programme Leadership (6 credit module)
  • L6M8 Innovation in Procurement and Supply (6 credit module)
  • L6M7 Commercial Data Management (6 Credit module)
  • L6M9 Supply Network Design (6 Credit Module)
  • L6M10 Global Logistics Strategy  (6 Credit Module)

The examinations for the 12 credit modules will be essay based exams; whilst the 6 credit modules will be assessed through multiple choice type examinations. All examinations will be computer-based exams and will be taken at the West Suffolk College exam centre Bury St Edmunds.

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