Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply


This L5 qualification is a vocationally related professional qualification which has been designed for individuals working at or aspiring to the managerial and professional levels of the CIPS Global Standard. It is aimed at members of the profession who have procurement and supply at the heart of their role.


It is designed for the more experienced members of the profession who are expected to develop, improve and fulfill functional business objectives and formulate direction. You will also manage change, lead and influence internal and external stakeholders in all matters relating to procurement and supply. 


It would be expected that someone working at the level of the Advanced Diploma will have the  practical, theoretical  knowledge and understandind of procurement and supply and is able to address broadly defined complex problems. 


The course will support students to develop skills in analysis, interpretation and evaluation of relevant information, concepts and ideas; they will understand differing perspectives, approaches and ideas within the profession and the reasoning behind them. 


Like the L4 diploma, the L5 is made up of 60 credits; 5 of the modules are mandatory, 2 are 12 credit modules and the rest are  6 credit modules. Students will also choose 3 elective 6 credit modules.  


The examinations for the 12 credit modules will be essay based exams; whilst the 6 credit modules will be assessed through multiple choice type examinations. All examinations will be computer-based exams and will be taken at the exam centres in West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds.


Core Mandatory Modules

  • Managing Teams and Individuals (12 Credits)
  • Adcanced Contract and Financial Management (12 Credits)
  • Managing Supply Chain Risk (6 Credits)
  • Managing Contractual Risk (6 Credits)
  • Managing Ethical Procurement and Supply (6 Credits)


Elective Modules: (All elective modules are 6 Credits: Students to choose 3 to make up 18 credits)

  • Category Management 
  • Advanced Negotiation
  • Achieving Competetive Advantage through the Supply Chain
  • Project and Change Management
  • Operations Management



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