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The tutors as ESSP have all been carefully chosen. Several are MCIPS. Some are examiners for CIPS. All are expert in their units and have a high rate of student examination success.


'Once again Kieran’s style of tuition helped to bring the subject to life using real life examples to emphasise the points being made.  Ollie Calver, Diploma student'


Great venue,Great facilities,Great tutor - Emma Barrett, Diploma student


Andy as a tutor is friendly, approachable and knowledgable - Amy Duane,Advanced Diploma.


Nothing replace Virginia's stare or Kieran's left boot to encourage studying! John Runnacles, SFRS



David Wright FCIPS

David is an experienced consultant working on supply chain, procurement and logisitcs projects. In addition to this role, David has extensive experience in CIPS qualifications, both as a tutor and as an assessor and marker of examination scripts. Priior to his career in education, David worked in several senior startegic procurement roles. David contributes on the Advanced and Professional Diplomas. 

Eddie Gibson

Eddie is passionate about the difference that excellent procurement practice makes to organisations.

Eddie comes to ESSP with a wealth of experience in both the private and public sector organisations focussing on procurement and the difference that excellent practice makes to delivering better outcomes. Eddie is currently senior manager at the East of England Local Government Association, previously Procurement manager at St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

Eddie will be delivering support for the popular Advanced Diploma unit Category Management.

Kieran McGregor MCIPS

Kieran is a consultant in procurement and  logistics and an examinations marker for CIPS.

Kieran has worked extensively in global procurement in  Africa , USA and Europe.

Kieran teaches on the Diploma Programme and specialises in relationships, sourcing and business needs.

Students on his programmes gain excellent examination success.

Kerian is the key tutor on the Diploma as well as teh tutor for the Professional Diploma Legal Aspects unit.

Jane Garnett, MCIPS

Jane has a wealth of experience in public sector procurement and is currently the Procurement Lead at the West Suffolk Clinic Commisioning Group. Other posts that Jane has held have been witrhin the National Helath Service, Suffolk Constabulary and the Sangar Institute.

Jane is supporting the Diploma evening class.


Jane Steer MBA

Jane   managed the Suffolk School of Management at West Suffolk College for several   years prior to becoming a free lance training consultant. During her tenure at West Suffolk College the provision for CIPS qualifications flourished and developed into a Centre  of Excellence. She has long recognised the value of CIPS programmes to   procurement teams  which is why she has developed Essex and Suffolk School of Purchasing.

Before setting up the school,  Jane has been working as a freelance consultant  specialising in organisational and management development, focusing on  management skills necessary for improvements in organisational performance.

Before moving into a successful career in education, training and consultancy, Jane worked in a purchasing and management role for a large retailer. Jane delivers the Management in Procurement and Supply on the Advanced Diploma, contexts on the Diploma and supports the Advanced Certificate.

Shuvinder (Win) Dhat, MBA

Win is an experienced management consultant and tutor. He has extensive experience in Leadership and in supporting students through the rigours of open book case study type assessments. His approach is very practical and focussed on exam success.

Win contributes on the Advanced and professional Diplomas.

Stuart Davenport

Now a freelance trainer specialising in Warehousing and Distribution, Stuart previously worked in retail management which included a well rounded background in human resources, health  and safety, facilities management, fire safety, all aspects of licensing to  trade and operations. 

He has excellent experience  developing and implementing a variety of corporate programmes and changes within  a business. He is skilled in developing department budgets and creating department  objectives and is practised in all areas of performance management.

Stuart will be supporting the Advanced Certificate.


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